A Day at the Beach!

Beach DayWe had an opportunity to drive to the beach for the day.  Mommy loves the beach and the kids really enjoyed their first time at the beach.  We were all excited!  Daddy prepared a wonderful bag of lunches and snacks and a great traveling breakfast, and we hit the road!

sand playIt was a beautiful day for the beach.  It was partly cloudy, a nice breeze was blowing, and it wasn’t raining for a change!

The children really enjoyed playing in the soft, sugar white sand.  They really like the waves and couldn’t get enough.  They made sand castles and played with their sand toys for a while.  We chose to be right by the pier – which is great for several reasons.  The shade from the pier is great.  Also – there was a wonderful sandbar on the right of the pier.  It was nice and shallow – just right for the kids.  The waves were also smaller on that side and a perfect place to play.  The kids kept wanting to get back in the water and jump over the waves!

There was a little shower while we were there but it didn’t last long.  At the end of the day, we rinsed off and changed so we could head to Red Brick for some Pizza and Gelato!  It was an awesome day!


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