Kids say the cutest things

heart wordsIt is so much fun to listen to our children learn English.  They have learned so much and we want to record the special things that they say as they learn English.

We were talking about making Turtle Brownies and Daddy said he made the Brownies without the pecans.  Dorina said “I don’t want peacocks in my brownies!”

Dorina and Tibi were excited about the upcoming Labor Day.  They kept saying we were having a holiday.  Tibi said “Yay tomorrow is Christmas!”  No Tibi not yet (they are so excited about own first Christmas together).  We went out for breakfast on Labor Day and Tibi said “Yay!  We are going to McDonalds for our Holiday Party!”

Today we were talking about Christmas in America and Tibi said, “I know Dingle Bells….. Dingle Bells…… Dingle Dingle Bells (sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)!”

words 2

Tibi has picked up the habit of saying “shoot” when something goes wrong.  It is so cute the way he says it.  He also says “daggone traffic” or “daggone junk mail”.  Wonder where he heard that phrase???

Dorina said “There is a red bump on your belly.  But it is not on your belly butt.”
We still get a kick out of them when they say “I have a probob.”  Which means they have a problem.

We are so proud of all that they have learned and the huge vocabulary that they have.   Their sentences are very complex and they hold an intelligent conversation with everyone – and I do mean everyone who will listen and answer 🙂  They love to learn!  Today Tibi was writing sentences all by himself.  They both spell and sound out many words by themselves now.  We are constantly amazed!  It is such a joy to watch our children learn every day!  They have so much joy in even the simple things!  We have much to learn from our sweet children!  Thank You Father God for each new day!  Help us all to find joy in the simple things!


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