The Big Move

ds room 2

ts roomWe are proud to announce that the kids were finally ready to be separated.  Neither of them had ever had a room by themselves and Tibi had never even slept in his own bed when we met them in January of this year.  This weekend, we moved them into their very own rooms.  Father God had been inching them toward this independance for a while.  Dorina was the one who seemed the most afraid of being by herself so we had not pushed the issue with them.  tx room 2Father God gave us a three day weekend and amazing ideas for storage and rearranging….and ta da – the kids each have their own room.  Not a tear has been shed as we have tucked them into their beds in their new rooms.  In fact, they are very excited!  They love it and were ready for this transition!

Ds room

We are so proud of them!  We know that it was the best thing to wait until they were ready.  All in God’s timing!  It was a smooth transition.  It means that they are growing up before our eyes!
Every day is a joy to have our precious daughter and son!  We marvel at them every day!  They are filled with so much love and it doesn’t seem possible but we love them more each day!  Here are a few pictures.  It is a work in progress but the rooms are looking very cute already!

tx room
In funny news – yesterday while shopping for things for their new rooms, Tibi said we were “looking for eye balls.”

ds room 3

Actually we were looking for light bulbs!  They are still so cute as they learn new words or try to repeat what they hear 🙂  Each day is filled with laughter and fun!

They were big helpers in moving furniture and cleaning out closets and rooms!  Dorina and Tibi are always ready to lend a hand.  They even rubbed Mommy’s shoulders when she had a headache while working on the project!  Thank You Father God for an awesome forever family!

Daddy burgerDaddy is working on a new project!  It is big news!  Daddy is opening a restaurant!  He named it Tib-A-Dor’s Station!  It is named it after Tibi and Dorina!!!!  How awesome!  God has so blessed us as Daddy has been working on this adventure for….. a long time!  The kids and Mommy are so proud and excited!  Tib-A-Dor’s will be a Barbecue, Burgers and More restaurant in Dothan, Alabama.  The decor is amazing!  He is decorating this once upon a time gas station, as an old time gas station!  It is amazing!  It is coming very soon!

The Adventure Continues

lakeSince school started we have been on the go. We all get up pretty early every morning. Daddy fixes a wonderful breakfast while the rest of us get ready. The kids are troupers. They get up and get themselves ready with a smile and a song. They love school and look forward to it every day. They are full of joy and happiness.


The children have grown in every way. You wouldn’t know that their native language isn’t English. They have an amazing vocabulary! They have made many new friends. Tibi made all As and Dorina made As and Bs on their first nine weeks grades! We are so proud! They have worked so hard! They are amazing!


We have enjoyed celebrating fall! We try to spend time enjoying the nice weather. The kids had a chance to fly kites for the first time. They had a blast. There was a breeze that day that made it nice but when the breeze stopped, they just ran faster to create their own breeze. It was so much fun to watch them!

20131102-171421.jpgDaddy bought each of them a pumpkin for fall. We bought a carving kit and went out on the


back deck one Saturday. The kids were so excited! They couldn’t wait to open the pumpkin and take out th
e brains. They had so much fun! Each of the kids designed their own special face for their pumpkin. Then Mommy helped

The children went on their first school field trip! They went to a farm with a corn maze and pumpkin patch. Tibi’s favorite part was the hay ride. Dorina’s favorite part was planting sunflower seeds and playing on the trucks. They had a wonderful time!them carve out the face. It was a wonderful afternoon of family fun and memories. The kids loved their pumpkin so much that Dorina even kissed hers! After we put lights in the pumpkins, we went inside to watch “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” Daddy loves Charlie Brown and now the kids do too!


One day we wanted to do something different. We went to Georgia to do some window shopping. We had fun seeing all of the fall and Christmas things for sale. We looked at all of the costumes for Halloween and the kids had fun trying them on. We had fun leaning new vocabulary words and learning about American traditions.


d hat

The children really enjoyed looking at all of the Christmas decorations for sale that day. We just took our time and explored. We listened to a dancing Christmas Santa and Rudolph. We looked at trees and Christmas villages. We just enjoy spending time together. We are all looking forward to our first Christmas together!

Every day is a blessing to be together. We thank God for the sweet spirit that is in each of our children. We thank God for how much they have learned and how much they like learning! We are so happy and grateful that God made us a forever family!