Mother’s Day

It seems like the year 2015 just started and yet it seems as though it has been a long year.

kids with momFirst of all, I am so blessed to be a Mom!  I have two beautiful and sweet children and a wonderful husband!  God has blessed me in so many ways!  I remember only a few years ago, how this day would make me sad as I longed to be a mother.  So today, I pray for all of those who are still longing to be a mother.  I have been praying today also for those children who long to have a mother.  There are so many orphans out there still waiting to know a mother’s love.  I also pray for those who have lost a child.  I know those feelings too.  I pray that God comforts all those whose arms long for a child.  I am also now one who misses my mother.  My beautiful mother went on to Heaven last year.  I pray for those who are missing the arms of their own mother.  Father God, bless all of the women of the world today!  Bless those who are waiting to be mothers and all of those who will someday grow up to be mothers!  Father, bless those who are grieving – those who long to be or who have lost.  Father, wrap your arms around all of those who are longing to be held by a loving mother’s arms!  Father, send your special love to all of the orphans – Father, unite mothers with children all over the world.

Next, I want to take time to pray for the mother’s who have or are adopting.  It is a wonderful blessing and joy!  It can also be difficult.  I pray for those who are trying to reach into the hearts of children that have been hurt.  When our children are hurt in some way, we don’t always know how to reach them.  I am so thankful to Father God who gives us wisdom and grace.  He is the one who can reach them and to see into the dark places in their hearts.

This has been a long year for our family.  There have been so many struggles and trials this year, but one thing remains the same.  God is good and He loves us and He brings us through.  Our two precious kiddos have had many struggles over the last two years, but God shines through them and I am so thankful.

kids with papaOur sweet Dorina started off behind in school when we first brought her home.  She had not had any formal education before she became part of our family.  We have worked long and hard and we have seen her blossom!  She has such a sweet and cheery personality!  She brings such joy to our lives and to the world!  She bounces into the room like Tigger and gives love and smiles everyone she goes!  This year, we have seen her also develop a love for reading!  She has worked hard and has accomplished so much!  We are so proud of our Tigger!  She is such a wonderful helper too!  She has learned to be very responsible and to take on several responsibilities in the house!  She is quick to lend a hand and has a heart to serve.  She blesses our hearts every time she prays!  She loves God and she loves to worship Him in song and in dance.  She pours out her heart in such sweet prayers for others!  Over the past two years, she has told us things about her life before we became a family.  Sometimes, we cry together as she shares her stories.  We are so proud of her and how she has been able to share these things, process them with us, and move on.  She leaves those things behind her and blossoms and grows each time!  She is such a beautiful young lady inside and out!  She has matured and grown in every way this year!  We love our sweet Dorina!

Tibi has had a rough year this year.  When he transitioned to a new school, a school where Mommy did not work, it seemed to have a very deep effect on him.  He struggled all year.  He had trouble processing this change and he never really accepted it.  He acted out in ways that we did not understand, but we kept asking God to help us to help him.  He even seemed to go backwards in his maturity throughout the year.  We kept loving him, kept praying for him, kept working with him, and kept trying new ways to reach him.  Then one day, after much prayer and not knowing what to do, I sat down with him and we made a chart of things that were happening and why he thought they were happening that way.  He kept repeating that he wanted to go back to the school where Mommy worked.  After many questions, he finally shared his heart with me.  His fears and actions were linked to his birth dad leaving him.  Somehow, he thought that one day I would not come back to him either.  I held him and he cried and I reassured him of my love.  Then God gave me the idea to make a special necklace for Tibi to put on the special bear that Daddy and I had made for him.  I put charms on the necklace from my childhood, ones that were very special to me – keepsakes.  I took a locket and put a piece of Tibi’s hair and my hair in it and put it on his bear.  I told him that just as I would never leave him, I would not leave without taking these special keepsakes with me.  I told him that I had always taken them with me whenever I moved, and just as I would take them with me, I would always take him with me.  It reassured his sweet little heart!  He began to change that day!

I share these things because I know that there are others who long to find the key to helping their children.  You never know what it will be that opens the door to your child’s heart.  Just keep swimming!  That is what my sister always says to me (from the movie Nemo).  Just keep asking and seeking God to help.  Just keep loving your child.  Just keep trying and searching.  One day, the door will open.  One day, the beauty will come!

kids in tractorTibi is such a good organizer!  He told us that he is now the Library helper and we are so proud!  He has a love of reading just like his Mommy!  We are so proud of our little boy!  He comes home and uses what he has learned in school in the cutest ways.  One day at dinner, he told us that he would write an opinion piece on why he appreciated his Mommy the teacher.  He gave us an opening statement, three detailed statements and a closing!  It was so cute and smart of him!  He is such a little smartie!  He is also a hugger!  He loves to give hugs and kisses!  He is so tender and affectionate!  He likes to wait on Mommy too and make me feel so special!  He has started to do his chores now too!  He has such a beautiful soul and is so full of love!  He is our handsome little man!

I am looking forward to the summer time to spend time with my precious family!  I have all kinds of great family activities planned for us – nothing big, just good quality fun time!  I am so blessed to be Dorina and Tibi’s Mom!  God has given me so much joy and love in my children!  I am so blessed to have a husband who takes time to take them to and from school and help them with their homework!  I have the most amazing Chef for a husband!  He loves our children so much!  He gives them lots of hugs and kisses and tickles and spends quality time with them!  Just last night, he and Tibi played a game together while Dorina and I enjoyed dancing to music.  Our home is filled with love because of these two amazing kids!  I am always in awe of God and how our precious kids are so much like us!  Sometimes that is good and sometimes that is not so good!  🙂 LOL!  Every day is an adventure, but it is an amazing adventure!  My heart is full as I celebrate Mother’s Day!  My kids and husband have treated me so special this weekend!  Most importantly, I am just so glad that they are mine!  God had such a special plan for our family and it has only just begun!