So far in 2016

EasterWe look forward to a new year each time.  It is nice that God gives us a chance to start new each day and each year.  We believe this is a year of wonderful things for our family!  Our family scripture for this year is Philippians Chapter 2.  We want to live our lives in harmony and bring joy to others.

This year started out difficult for the kids in school.  They just hadn’t been motivated at this school.  They weren’t trying their best and they were not very happy.  So we decided to move them back to the school where I teach.  They were very excited to come back to my school.  They have done much better since they have moved.  They are working harder and enjoying school more.  Dorina’s grades have improved so much in her new class.  Tibi has been trying harder too.  We are very proud of their progress!
On the way to school each morning, we listen to sermons, study scripture, and pray together.  I enjoy the special time I get to spend in the car with the kids on the drive to school.

This year Tony is taking some classes.  One of his classes has been in Birmingham.  We all went with him to the last class.  While he was in class, we explored the Science Museum there.  It was so much fun!

The kids enjoyed learning about science and most of all they enjoyed all of the hands on experiences!  Dorina wasn’t too sure about the bed of nails!  Tibi was the volunteer to help with the electricity experiential.  I even got to pet a shark!  That was a new experience for me!

This year we also adopted again – a stray cat.  There was a beautiful blue gray cat that showed up on our porch.  We tried to find a newBalou home for the sweet cat before Christmas.  In January it turned very cold outside – cold for Alabama anyway.  The sweet cat had been attacked by a stray and was not well and I just couldn’t leave him outside in the cold – so Tony let me bring him in.  The kids loved him!  He was so gentle and sweet!  God provided someone that paid for all of his vet bill to get him ready for the family!  The kids have had so much fun with him!  He is an interesting cat!  He entertains himself.  He gets out all of his toys every night and plays.  He throws his toys in the air and chases after them.  We named him Balou after the big Baloo bear from the Jungle Book.  That was a movie that I enjoyed watching with my mom.
porch steaksThe weather has been nice so we enjoyed a steak meal on the porch!  We are enjoying our spring break this week.  We haven’t gone anywhere, but we have enjoyed our time together.  We just enjoy being together!