Four Years Later

Wow!  We are celebrating four years together as a Forever Family!  God is so good!  He has blessed us beyond measure.

I want to start by talking about all the ways our kids have blessed us!  Dorina is our constant bouncing joy!  She is always full of joy and hugs and laughter and jubilant energy!  She is such a servant and really enjoys helping in any way she can.  Tibi is our sensitive, generous hearted boy!  He enjoys showing love to others, encouraging them, and sharing with them!  We are blessed every day by the beautiful souls of our children.  We are blessed daily by all that God has put inside of them and the ways that he is working in and through them every day!  We know that God has great things for them today, and in the future!

The last year has been full of changes for us, but good changes.  We have been blessed to be able to move closer to my job.  This has been such a wonderful blessing and time saver!  No more 45 minute drives!  Tony was moved to a Church near my school and we have enjoyed becoming part of this wonderful new church family.  The kids enjoy being part of this church and we are working together as a family to serve the Lord!  This church family is such a blessing to us!  We enjoy worshiping together as a family and being part of the services together.  We enjoy the warm and loving fellowship of all the people there.  The are amazing!  We have enjoyed reaching out to the community and connecting with new people.  It is amazing to watch all that God is doing here!

The kids are in 4th grade now!  Wow!  I can’t believe how much they have grown!  Dorina is almost as tall as I am now.  That is not saying much, because I am rather short, but she is growing into a beautiful, tall, young lady.  We are so proud of her!  Tibi is growing too!  I know it won’t be long til he is taller than me!  He is such a cutie and growing into a handsome young man. The children have a creative sense of humor and enjoy spending time with us.  They often tell us that they would rather be with us no matter what we are doing, than to go play.  They are so sweet!  They are making A’s and B’s in school and we are very proud of them.  It is so hard to believe that they didn’t know any English just four years ago!  They have wonderful personalities and enjoy life.

The kids really enjoy our new neighborhood.  They enjoy riding their bikes in the culdesac that we live on.  We enjoy taking family walks and being able to shop!  We are close to everything now that we live in Dothan.  God has blessed us so much!  We are so grateful for God’s love and provision.

Our favorite thing to do as a family is to read and study God’s Word together.  The kids love God so much and it is such a joy to watch them grow in their faith every day.  Tibi’s sensitive heart reaches out to people and prays for them daily.  He is our little preacher.  Dorina brings joy where ever she goes.  They both love to sing and praise Jesus too!  They always have a song ready for any occasion!  Both of the kids find joy in study God’s Word and applying to their lives.  They like to dig in to the scriptures and find out all they can about them and then meditate on what they are learning.  It brings such joy to this Mommy’s heart to see them grow in their faith and love of Jesus!  It is my favorite time of day, when we sit down to study God’s Word together.

Game night is another family tradition that we enjoy.  I remember playing games with my family and relatives growing up and it is so sweet to share that with my kids.  We recently purchased Dutch Blitz.  I remember playing that game with my Aunts and Uncles growing up and then in collage too.  It brings back such fun memories.  Tibi and Dorina really get into play games and it is so fun to spend time together this way.

It has been a fabulous and wonderfully blessed four years.  We have had our ups and downs but God has brought us through each day with His love and joy.  It is not easy to “Become” a family, but it is so worth it!  We can’t even remember what it was like to not be a family anymore.  God has bound our hearts forever!  We are grateful beyond words for what He has done for all of us!  Thank you Jesus for our precious family!  We can’t wait to see what He has for us each day!