Praise the Lord!!!  My fingerprints finally got “unstuck” from the computer glitch – thanks to many phone calls from my husband!  We got the approval letter today!  Yay!  So, our home study is almost complete!!!  We are in the process of completing the Dossier.

Praise the Lord!  Our upcoming show Taylor Mason is coming along and we are praying for a sell out crowd!  We have had several corporate sponsors and we are so grateful!  We are handing out fliers and posters and promoting this great family event!  Please share if you know someone in the area!  We are thankful to Faith Radio, one of the local Christian radio stations, for planning to interview Taylor Mason about the show.

Praise the Lord!  We have had several wonderful people support our adoption by buying a puzzle piece!  Our puzzle is beautiful!  We thank God for each dear person that helps us bring our kids home when they buy a puzzle piece or donate!  Thank you!!!

Praise the Lord!  Our adoption is progressing.  God’s hand is on our process!  God is moving our journey along faster than we had expected!  We are praying for the finances to come in time for us to travel and to meet each payment need as it arrives.  We know that “With God, nothing is impossible!”  We are so thankful for everything that God has done and is doing!  God is awesome!  Please share our blog or The Rosetta’s Adoption Facebook page and help us raise the money needed to complete our adoption!  Thank you to all of those who have and are helping us bring our kids home!  God bless you!!!

Be a piece of the puzzle

We are pleased to reveal a beautiful painting!  We asked a dear friend at church to paint us a special picture for our children.  She is a wonderful artist and she agreed.  We sent her some pictures we had found online of Hungarian art, colors, embroidery flowers, etc.  We told her we wanted it to be child-like and include at least one butterfly.  She painted a picture that was perfect!  It brought tears to my eyes when I saw it!  We thank Mary Heinemann with all of our hearts for the beautiful picture!

Now, we invite you to be a piece of the puzzle that will give children a forever home!  We are going to make a copy of this beautiful painting and send it off to be made into a puzzle (about 500 pieces).  We are looking for people to donate $20 to our puzzle.  For each $20 donation, we will put your name on the back of a piece of this puzzle and begin to assemble it (that may be the tricky part :-)).

If you have ever done any research about adoption, you know that it is very expensive (but oh so worth it!).  We will be using the money from the puzzle piece fundraiser to help pay for the next 3 payments to our Agency, Lifeline Children’s Service, and also the fee for our paperwork at Immigration.  One of the payments and the check to Immigration is due soon.  All together these fees are over $6000.  When we have the puzzle finished, we are going to frame it in a way that we will be able to see all of the names of the people who helped us put the puzzle together and bring our little ones home.  We will be able to tell our children how much God loves them and how He used all of these wonderful people to care for them even before we met them!  We will be able to show them how much they were loved!  We will also look at these  names and pray for those who lifted us up!  We thank you in advance for joining us in caring for “the least of these.”  We pray that God will richly and abundantly bless you for reaching out in love to His children!

Here’s what to do……..If you would like to be part of our puzzle….you can click the Donate button and make a $20 donation for each puzzle piece – be sure to notate that it is for a puzzle piece and include the way you want your name/names written.  You can also send your check to….Haleburg United Methodist Church Adoption Fund, c/o Pastor Tony and Cary Rosetta, 4A Merion Drive, Eufaula, AL 36027.  If you send a check, you will receive a tax receipt by mail so be sure to include your return address.  Please include a note that it is for the Puzzle and the way you want your name/names to be written.  When you donate, please let us know in a comment to this post so that we can thank you and pray for you!

Thank you for helping us!!  God bless you!

Home Study and Fundraising Update

Today we have our 2nd Home Study meeting. This meeting consists of individual interviews about our autobiographies. She said it will only take about an hour and a half each! Wow! Condensing ones life to an hour and a half should be interesting. I guess we will just be giving the cliff notes – ha! But the trick is…..what does the other person do for an hour and a half in the waiting area????? We plan to take the nook, our Bible, MP3 player, and…..maybe the portable DVD player. That should keep us busy.

We have an update on our fundraising. We are very excited to announce that we have booked Taylor Mason, a Christian Comedian and Ventriloquist to come to Dothan on November 18 at 6:00 PM at Harvest Church on Fortner Street. Tickets will go on sale probably the first of September. We are so excited about this benefit show! We are seeking corporate sponsorship to help defray the cost of the show. Yesterday, we were blessed with our first donation to the show! Dothan’s Mayor, Mike Schmitz, gave us our first big donation! We are so grateful!!! Contact us if you would like more information about being a sponsor!

We are also working on another fundraiser – Puzzle Pieces. A friend of ours is going to paint a picture for us to use for the puzzle. She will be including some floral designs from Hungarian embroidery that we found. Once she has completed the painting, we will send it off to be made into a puzzle. We have seen several families doing a fund raiser like this for their adoption. Anyone who makes a donation to the Puzzle Pieces can either sign their name to the back of a piece, or we will sign it for you. Once the puzzle is finished, we will hang it in the kids room to show them all the people that helped bring them home!

We will post updates about these fundraisers as we are able! We thank everyone who has already given to help us bring our children home. If you would like to be a part of this blessings, click the donate button on this page! God bless you!

Music Fund Raiser

We have Tony’s Cd’s for sale as one of our fund raisers. There are two Cd’s available. “I Lean on You Lord” and “Heaven’s My Home”
Each CD is $15 plus $2 per CD for shipping and handling. You can use the donate button on the Donate page to pay with paypal – please be sure to note which cd you would like and your mailing information. Thanks for helping us along our adoption journey!!!

The songs below are from “I Lean on You Lord”

Songs on “I Lean on You Lord” – I Lean on You Lord, His Hand in Mine, In the Garden, High and Lifted Up, What a Healing Jesus, Build My Mansion, Every Need Supplied, When He was on the Cross, Over the Door, Holy Ground

The following song is from the CD “Heaven’s My Home”

Songs on “Heaven’s My Home” – Standing in the Presence of the King, Serenaded by Angels, Look For Me, Isn’t He Wonderful, The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference, Who Am I, His Eye is on the Sparrow, He Can, We Shall See Jesus, I Will Talk to my Father

The Continuing Story…………

We have scheduled our first Home Study home visit for next week!  Yay!  We are excited to start on this next leg of the journey.  We spoke with our social worker and she is so sweet!  She made us feel at ease about our upcoming visit.  Of course, we have never done this before and are anxious, but we praying and trusting in God!

We have almost completed our medical paperwork.  We had blood drawn and blood work done two weeks ago and went to have the doctor fill out our paperwork this week.  We checked out ok!  Yay!  Except……….we had to have blood drawn again!!  Ugghh!  The nurse had overlooked 2 tests that had to be done!  And we had to have a TB skin test done.  We got stuck with needles twice!  Cary does not like needles!

But, we completed that.  Whew!!!  Now we just have to go back to have the nurse look at the skin test and sign off on the last of the blood tests.  We will pick up the doctors letter of recommendation that we are fit to parent and the medical paperwork is finished!!  Yay!  We actually are ahead of schedule!

We are also working on an online 10 hour training class about Hague Country adoption.  It has a lot of helpful information.  We are continuing to read a book about connecting with adopted children.  There is still a lot of reading and trainings to complete.  Funny, all of this reading and training…..but none of it can fully prepare someone to be a parent.  The best preparation is prayer, Bible study, and being attentive to the leading of the Holy Spirit!

We are making progress on fund raising.  We are finalizing plans for a show in the fall and also a silent auction.  We are also making plans to do a puzzle piece fund raiser.  We are working on several things but if anyone has any ideas, please share!  We trust God to supply all of the funds and things that we need to become a family and rescue children in need!  We have met many people who have adopted or who are in the process.

God’s Provision

We made our first payment to the Adoption agency. Last week we prayed that God would provide for this first payment due before we start the home study. God provided in ways we didn’t expect! God is so good! He knows what we need and prepares the way even before we ask.

Chance to win…..

One of our fundraisers is to sell Fun Pasta.  The pasta is fun and great for gifts!  It comes in many great shapes, including holiday shapes and sport teams.  You can find the link on our Donation page or the link on this page.

Starting today, they have a contest for a prize of $300.  If you have a facebook account, you can vote for us to win!  Search for the Fun Pasta Fundraisers page on facebook.

Scroll down and look for Cary Rosetta and our story.  Click like to vote for us!  Help us win $300!

Thanks for your votes!  God bless you!

Sign here, Initial there……..paper work

We are knee deep in paperwork.  We really had no idea how much would be involved in the adoption process.  We know that it will be worth it and that every signature, paper filled out, appointment scheduled………. leads us one small step closer to our family.

This week we have been busy with appointments and paper work.  We are working on our autobiographies – answering the 4 page questionaire.  We have scheduled our orientation interview by phone for next week.  We are completing health forms and fingerprints.

We are also busy working on fund raising ideas and events.  We are thankful for every person who has volunteered to help us and for every one who is contributing to our family.  We are thankful for each idea that God gives us and for each step that He provides for us.

Intorducing Our New Fund Raiser

We are excited to inform you about our new partnership with Fun Pasta to enable us to raise money for our adoption.  Fun Pasta offers pasta that is just that — Fun.  You can visit our online store to see and to purchase pastas in all different shapes and sizes including special shapes for Alabama and Auburn fans.  Enjoy your shopping experience and tell others about this unique shopping opportunity.  Remember these pastas make great holiday gifts!  Just click the link to start shopping…