Dorina’s Birthday!


Dorina's bday

We had a wonderful time celebrating Dorina’s 7th birthday!  She had a princess cake and got to choose her favorite foods – chicken nuggets, broccoli, and Daddy’s home aid mac and cheese.

Dorina's presentsGrandma got to come to the party and Nonnie and Papa sent Dorina a gift in the mail.  Dorina felt very special on her day and enjoyed helping pick everything out and decorate.

Mommy and Daddy got her a Karaoke machine with a microphone because she loves to sing so much!  She loved it and wanted to sing right away!  Her favorite songs are her “Jesus Music” songs on her cd.  She was shy at first and Tibi asked if he could sing with her.  He jumped right in and started singing and she soon joined him.  It was precious!  While they sang “Jesus Loves Me,”  they both closed their eyes and bowed their heads.  They love Jesus and they love to sing about Him.  We know that His heart was full that day and so was ours!  We are so blessed!



Living and Learning

cute feed turtlesOur children are learning English so quickly. We want to capture all of their cute phrases and accents as they grow. Here are a few of their newest phrases.

“There she goes” – this is used frequently for whatever. ” What is this” – The children say this when they don’t understand something in English or they want more information about something. “Nope” is the new word for no.

One of my favorites recently is “Sing Rosetta to the King of Kings” – this is from the song Sing Hosanna. They didn’t understand the words and thought it said Rosetta.
When Tibi is helping clear the table, he will ask us if the fork goes in the “sink washer or the dish washer”- the sink washer is his word for sink.

“Ready to wash my hi” – hi means hair and “Ready for Shayampoo.” If anyone or anything falls, Tibi says “One fell off and bumped his head.”

They are working hard on writing their numbers and letters and knowing the letter sounds. They are doing so good and we thank God daily for their desire to learn and their hard work. However, we did discover that the statistics are proving right and they are forgetting almost all of their Hungarian. We are doing our best to play Hungarian songs and review Hungarian words for them. We do want them to know both languages but it is difficult since we do not speak Hungarian. We are also using Google.Translate to help them remember. A few weeks ago, it seemed that the kids were just stressed. When we discovered that they were forgetting their Hungarian, Daddy pulled up some Hungarian videos for them. It seemed to make them feel better. We remember how stressed we felt after weeks of hearing Hungarian and how refreshing it was for us to spend time with the Chun’s and speak English again. We thank God for showing us ways to help our children each day!

Each day is a learning experience for all of us but we find great joy in it! We thank God for making us a forever family! We enjoy the simplest things as long as we are together! There is so much love in our family and we pray that it is always this way! We are proud parents of two beautiful souls! Our children are beautiful inside and out and we thank God for that daily!

Easter Egg Hunt

blog dorina eggg huntThere were so many great pictures of the Easter Egg dying and Easter Egg Hunt at the Lake today that I am making a separate post for some of them.  blog egg hunt tibiMommy has been learning photography tips from Daddy – I am improving!

blog egg hunting

blog tibi egg basketAt first, Mommy hid the eggs in easy to see spots.  blog dorina tree huntDorina was clever at looking for the eggs and finding them in all of the easy and hard spots.  Tibi found the easy ones the first time.  The second time, when the eggs were harder to find, Tibi got tired of looking and sat down.  Dorina tried very hard and was able to find all but two of the eggs!  Even Mommy couldn’t find the last two!

blog hidden egg


Blog Easter egg huntWe have been preparing for Easter at our house.  We read the Bible every night with the children.  They really enjoy it.  blog easter egg slideThis week we read the Easter story.  We have talked about it before, but Mommy read Tibi and Dorina a special Easter story book.  When we got to the part about Jesus being beaten, Tibi said, “That not funny.”  He was very sad.  When we got to the part where Jesus rose from the dead, Tibi and Dorina cheered!  It was so sweet!

DSCN3589Last Saturday, we attempted to go to the Harvest Easter egg hunt.  We had fun eating lunch with Grandma and playing at Landmark Park, but before the Easter egg hunt began, it started to rain and we decided to leave.  blog Tibi's eggBefore the rain started, the children enjoyed sliding down the inflatable slide.  The picture of Tibi is his face when he ran back to get in line after he slid down the first time!  They both really enjoyed the slide!

blog Tibi easter eggToday, we dyed Easter eggs at home.  Mommy used a white crayon to draw surprises on the eggs before the kids put them in the dye. blog Dorina and the egg They had fun discovering what the surprise was on each egg.  They enjoyed the activity!  Daddy had prepared the eggs and made home aid dye for them.  Daddy showed them how to dye the eggs and helped them dye 24 eggs!

For lunch today, Daddy packed a picnic and we went to the lake.  We had a wonderful picnic lunch and then the kids played for a while.  Mommy hid the eggs and the children had fun finding them.  The first time, we found all 24 eggs.  The second time Mommy hid the eggs a little better so that the children would have to search harder for them.  Dorina looked hard and found most of them.  But Mommy had done such a good job hiding them, that we had to leave 2 of them there!  We don’t know where they are!!!

blog kids egggs

Daddy’s Surprise Party

blog Daddy

Daddy has a birthday coming up next week.  Mommy has been praying about a way for the kids to surprise Daddy.  God provided the perfect opportunity when Daddy had to get the oil changed in the car and run a few errands.  After Daddy left the house, Mommy and the kids got ready and went shopping.  We planned to make dinner, get a cake, decorate, and make cards.

blog Daddy's partyThe kids had a blast helping Mommy shop for things for the party.  They helped pick out the decorations and plan the meal.  Mommy is not a chef by any means – so we planned an easy Campbell’s Soup recipe.   And thanks to the wonderful help of Tibi and Dorina and lots of prayer on Mommy’s part – the meal was a success!

Blog dorina party

We used the cooking as a learning lesson.  The kids took turns looking for the correct measuring spoon or cup by looking for the two numbers in the fraction.  They are learning to identify numbers.  We also learn vocabulary in everything we do.

blog tibi

They took turns pouring and mixing.  They did a very good job!  They had fun!  The children really like to help out!  They enjoyed doing something extra special for Daddy!

Blog Daddy bdayWe also did some cleaning for Daddy, did the laundry and put it away, and emptied the dishwasher.  Dorina and Tibi also did some extra chores to earn some money.  We had a grand time getting ready to surprise Daddy!

And we surprised him too!  Daddy had no clue that we would throw him an early birthday party!  It was so much fun!

blog Daddy's cake

Daddy said it was extra special because it was the first birthday that he celebrated as a family!

blog blow out candlesHappy Birthday Daddy!  We love you!

Daily Life

Blog mom and kidsWe have been enjoying daily life as a family.  We feel like we have been a family for a long time now – we can’t believe that we met the children only 2 months ago and that we have only been home for 1 month!  God is so good!  God has given us so many blessings and so much grace!  We praise Him for the way that the children have adjusted and how much we love each other!  We enjoy every day as a family!

Blog Daddy kids

We enjoy listening to our children learn English!  It is so precious to hear their little voices and accents.  Here are a few new famous phrases from them.

Blog - fashion showDorina – “Don’t push the but, it scares Sheldon and Milton.”  This was said in reference to the doorbell button and our cats. “No no no no no no no.”  This phrase Dorina uses whenever something goes wrong.  “I don’t know dear” – Dorina uses this one frequently and Tibi has started using it.   Tibi – “It smells sooooo good!”  Both of them say “oh me!”  which is one of Daddy’s phrases.  The kids can’t quite pronounce the name of one of Daddy’s churches that he pastors – Haleburg.  They have referred to it as the “Hamburger church.”

Blog Tibi waterfall

Mommy started back to work – which was not easy but we are very thankful that Mommy has a good job.  Daddy has been teaching school at home to the children.  Daddy is doing a wonderful job!  The kids are working on their letters and doing some wonderful art projects.  They are working on counting too.

Blog Dorina walkOn Monday, we went for a walk on the walking trail by the lake.  On our walk, we found spider webs to investigate.  We also talked about straight trees and crooked trees.  We saw numbers, bird houses, and flowers.  We enjoyed taking a little hike down to the waterfall.  On the steep climb back up from the waterfall, Tibi said, “Oh my Lord!”  We had to help each other climb back up.

On our drives to run errands or go places, we have been learning about going up hills, down hills, and going around curves.  The children enjoy going up and down a hill near our house.  We have also talked about street signs and speed limits.  The children were afraid of the police in Hungary, but they have been learning that the police are here to protect us.  Tibi told Mommy “Tibi likes fast.  Tibi go 67.”  Oh dear!  We have a lot to teach him before he gets to driving age!  🙂  We have been talking about how God wants us to obey the laws and the speed limit is one of those laws.  The kids like to take their “keys” with them when we go somewhere and pretend to drive from the back seat!

Blog family

Tibi took this picture, when we were at the waterfall on our walk.  Tibi wants a camera and enjoys taking pretend pictures with his play phone.  He wants to take pictures like his Daddy!


Beautiful Days

tibi cleaningDSCN3362Friday morning was cleaning day. Mommy cleans the upstairs and Daddy cleans the downstairs. Today, Mommy had two little helpers. Dorina and Tibi wanted to help clean. They really enjoyed helping clean their room and their bathroom! Then they wanted to help Mommy clean her room and bathroom. They were great! Tibi is very miticulous. He watches when Mommy shows him what to do and then he is very careful to follow the example. Dorina likes to help too, but she gets in a hurry and wants to move on to the next job. They worked very hard helping Mommy and each got a star and a reward!

DSCN3371kids at lake goodAfter cleaning, we went to the lake to have a picnic. Daddy packed a lunch of BLTs, juice, orange slices, celery and peanut butter.  It was so pretty by the water.  Daddy did an excellent job with lunch!  Dorina loves orange slices.  Tibi tried celery and peanut butter – he seemed to like it, but it took too long to eat so he ate an orange slice instead.  The kids enjoyed walking along the water and looking at ducks, boats, and geese.  Dorina and Daddy found some baby pine cones and some big pine cones and enjoyed looking at them.  Tibi and Mommy found a crane and some birds to watch.

Saturday, Mommy woke up with a headache.  Tibi looked at Mommy and said, “Are you ok Mommy?”  When I told him I had a headache, he went downstairs, fixed Mommy a glass of ice water, and brought it up to my room.  He is so sweet!  Then he prayed for Mommy!  Tibi and Dorina rubbed Mommy’s head and helped her feel better.

sweet w giraffefirst shotsWe checked the weather for the day, and realized it was going to be a beautiful day!  We have been reading the Bible with the kids every night and our story Friday night was about Noah’s Ark.  Daddy has a lot of Noah’s ark things around the house and the kids have been singing about Noah’s Ark – so we decided to go to the Montgomery Zoo!  Daddy packed up another wonderful lunch and we headed to the zoo.

kids at zooWhen we got there, the weather was beautiful!  We sat down and had our little wonderful picnic that Daddy had made.  Then we started off to see the orange birds!  At first the children were scared that the animals would hurt them or get them, but they soon realized they were safe and enjoyed looking at the animals.

tibi navigatorTibi really liked the snakes and asked to go through the snake house “again please.”  He was fascinated with the bear and he looked forward to seeing the tiger or “tigger” as he called it.  They also wanted to see the lions, giraffe, and elephants that we had talked about on Noah’s Ark.  Dorina enjoyed watching the monkeys!  She is a big monkey fan and we saw tiny monkeys, medium monkeys, and big monkeys.

feeding birds togetherWe enjoyed feeding the parakeets too!

Tibi was our navigator.  He enjoyed looking at the Zoo map.  He would find the animal that we were at and show us where we needed to go next.  He did a good job of finding where we were and the path to the next animal!

going to churchhaleburgSunday we went to church and heard Daddy preach.  Tibi listened carefully to Daddy and made whisper comments – “Stop Daddy, ” he said when Daddy talked about Tibi.  “Nutella Daddy” when Daddy talked about Tesco in Hungary.  Tibi also pretended to take notes.  Dorina giggled when Daddy sang at the end.  Dorina also told Mommy, “Quiet Mommy,” when Mommy said amen to what Daddy was preaching about.  The rest of the day the kids said, “Thank you God for Daddy’s church.”

looking through fenceWe have such fun as a family.  The kids English is so wonderful – we are amazed.  They are doing so well at adjusting and feel very comfortable at home.  We are able to joke and laugh and play and just have a grand time together as a family.  We are comfortable together and the children listen and obey very well.  The kids are so loving and sweet and we share lots of hugs and kisses and “I love you.”  We feel God’s love and blessing upon our family daily!  We thank God for each treasured moment and memory that we are making!  We have waited so long to be a family and we value every day together!  It was like a dream for Daddy and Mommy to take their son and daughter to the zoo!  Each first is a treasure!  We love to read the Bible together and see how they are learning about and loving God!  We are so grateful for all God has done, is doing, and will do!  We are so blessed!  Many people tell us that the kids are blessed to have us, but it is really the other way around.  Daddy and Mommy are the ones who are blessed to call Tibi our son, and Dorina our daughter!

daddy's pic of kids

Making Memories

pretty girlThis morning, Mommy set out to show her son,  Tibi, what basketball was like.  He likes soccer and I wanted to see if he liked Bball!  So I found a clip of KU – Mommy’s favorite team! – on youtube.  I called Tibi over and he sat on my lap and I said this is Mommy’s favorite sport and team.  He started watching it and said “Oh yes!”  I explained a few things to him and he started cheering “Go KU!”  He loved it!  Mommy was beaming!  It was a dream come true!  I have a new basketball buddy and just in time for March Madness!!!  When the clip (first half of a Ku and Kstate game) was over, Tibi said “Again please!!!”  So we watched another one!

Now my daughter, Dorina, came in to see what we were doing.  She noticed that the other team was wearing purple – her favorite color!  So she started cheering for the other team!!!!  Oh no!!!  So Tibi and Mommy had to explain to her that we cheer for KU and they were wearing blue that day.  She finally agreed that she should cheer “Go KU, but I still like purple!”  It was so adorable!  I have two new basketball buddies!

dorina bubbles house

March bubblesToday we walked up the hill from our house to a patch of grass.  On the way, we found some pine cones and acorns.  The kids were thrilled!  They love to find things in nature!  When we got up the hill, we broke out the bubbles!!!  The kids had a blast blowing bubbles and catching them.  Mommy and Daddy had fun watching and taking pictures.  We also tried to make big bubbles with a big bubble wand.

tibi cool bubblesThen, Mommy played chase with the children!  It was like a dream to hear their squeals of delight and giggles!  It was so much fun!  The simple things can be the greatest things!


After we wore Tibi out from chasing and running – we started our walk back.  Tibi was thirsty but Dorina wanted to blow bubbles on the way back.  Dorina was still blowing bubbles when we got back to the house.

sonic 2After some drinks of water, we went to Sonic for their first Chocolate Milkshake!  When we told the kids about the milkshakes, Dorina said “Dorina no like”  But when we got there and were ready to order, she said she wanted to try it since Mommy and Daddy were having one.  They loved them!   Tibi said, “Tibi likes milkshakes.  Yummy to my tummy.”  Dorina said, “Fenom milkshake,” which means good!

dorina's milkshake

tibi milkshake

We made a stop at the store and then home to make dinner.  While we waited in the car for Daddy to get some groceries, Tibi and Dorina played “slumb wars” – thumb wars and sang “I got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in ma hahrt.”  They are so cute!

For dinner, Daddy made fish sticks, homemade mac and cheese, and french style green beans.  Tibi said, “This is delicious!”  He even had seconds!  We have had some trouble getting them to try new things – but they both ate this meal!  Daddy even made homemade tarter sauce and it was delicious!

We had a fun day of making memories!

daddy tibi kiss

Enjoying Family Life

Dorina with Milton We treasure every moment that we have together.  We love to read together, play together, pray together, and just spend time together.  The kids love to be at “house” and play in their rooms while listening to music.

Aladdin movieYesterday was movie day!  We watched Cinderella a few days ago while resting….but yesterday we watched Aladdin on the big screen with popcorn!  They really like popcorn as a snack and so do Mommy and Daddy!  They brought down their blankets and pillows and we cuddled up for the movie!  Tibi loved the Genie and the monkey who turns into an elephant.  Dorina loved Princess Jasmine of course!

Dorina's haircutTibi's first haircut bestToday was haircut day!  Tibi’s hair had grown so much and he had asked us to cut it.  When Mommy cut Dorina’s hair, it wasn’t even, so Dorina got a trim and evened out today.  They were excited about their haircuts.  It was so cute.  Tibi kept saying “oh no” to everything she did but he was smiling the whole time.  He also said “ouch” when she sprayed him with water.  He doesn’t like water on his face.  Dorina was very quiet during her haircut.  They both look great!  Daddy also got his haircut.

family at peacan placeAfter our haircuts, we went by Superior Pecans to visit Lamarsha who has been praying for us.  She took a family photo of us!

Then we had lunch at Burger King and let the kids have a few minutes of play time.  They had so much fun!  Right now they are doing puzzles in their room – kids after their Mommy’s heart – she loves to do puzzles in the winter!  They are listening to music and singing along as they do their puzzles.  They are such happy children and we are a happy family!  There is so much love!  It is wonderful!

Dorina playingThe children love to sing all of the time.  We hear Dorina sing “Joy down in my heart” all day long.  She sings in the shower, in the store, while she plays, and as she eats.  Yesterday, Dorina used her magic wand as a microphone and she had Tibi pretend to play the guitar and she sang her little heart out!  It was adorable.

Tibi playingThe children have wonderful imaginations!  Mommy gave each of them a key to play with.  Yesterday, they used the stairs as their cars.  Dorina said goodbye and kissed Mommy and Daddy and drove to the “market” with her babies.  She is so cute.  Tibi got in his car and went to the store too.  They play for hours!  They also have toy phones that they just love.  They take pictures of everything, like Daddy does and they talk for a long time.  It is so cute!

dorinas flowerOne day this week, we had just gotten home from running errands, and Dorina looked at the lawn and said “Flowers!  Pretty flowers!”  She was so excited to discover Dandelions!  She picked two of them for Mommy and Daddy and asked Daddy to put them in water.  She was so proud of them and we were so blessed to have our daughter pick flowers for us!  We treasure all of the wonders of being Daddy and Mommy!  Tibi gives the best hugs and kisses and is so tender and loving when someone is sick or hurting.  He prays for them and rubs their hands or head or whatever he can do for them.  Dorina gives great hugs and kisses too!  They are so sweet and loving!  And they love Jesus and thank God daily for everything!  It blesses our hearts!

First days home


mommys car

DSCN3156We love being home!  Our home feels like a mansion after the days in the apartment in Hungary!  The kids love playing in their room.  They have been given some sweet gifts and enjoy exploring!  We hear the phrase “Oh Wow!” often in our house!  It is a beautiful sound to hear their voices and their little feet in the house!  It has been a dream to spend time as a family and enjoy love and laughter!

mommys car dorina coloringThe children were excited to take their first ride in Daddy’s car or “Daddy’s Chevy” as Tibi says.  We had to make a quick trip to Walmart but they enjoyed it.  The next day it was time to take a trip in Mommy’s car.  They were very excited about this also.  They loved being up high and seeing all of the sights in America!  We had to make a trip to Dothan so Mommy helped them pack a little bag with some things to do.  They love to color and draw and write – so we put some crayons, color books, their special notebook, and a pen in bag.  We made a stop at Kmart to look for some clothes, we only have a few that we brought back with us.  They enjoyed looking at things but it took us a little bit to figure out their sizes.  Once we had that down, we were able to find them a couple of things.  The next day we went to Dollar General and were able to find them some shoes.  After we got home from DG, we had a little fashion show.  They tried on their new clothes and shoes and modeled for Daddy!  It was fun!

making dinnermaking cookiesWe have had so many wonderful firsts!  Dorina enjoyed helping Daddy make dinner!  She is a great helper.  She also helped Daddy make cookies.  We have enjoyed eating at our table together as a family.  Prayer time before meals is so sweet and special!  The kids love to thank God for everything.  The first morning at breakfast, they thanked God for their rooms, their beds, their sheets and their pillows!  They are so sweet and we have so much to be thankful for!

They have enjoyed playing playdough at our big table.  Tibi has played with his cars on the floor in his room.  This Seasame Street mat is a gift that Mommy got from her Grandma Carter years ago.  Mommy was very close to her Grandma and Grandma always gave her special gifts.  Mommy saved this mat for her children one day……it is so special to be able to use it!  Very special!

The first night, the children were so excited to crawl into their special beds.  They love them!  They snuggled in with some of their stuffed animals.  Mommy read them a story after their “real Shlower” in their own bathroom.  They like having their own bathroom with all of their own things!  After story time, we tucked them in and they fell right to sleep!  We have enjoyed snuggle and story time!  It is Mommy’s favorite time of the day.

DSCN3152Last night we started reading the Bible together.  They know enough English and can understand it better now.  While we were in Hungary  the children started saying “I love you Jesus” all of the time.  Going to church in Debrecen and praying as a family and singing  “Jesus songs” helped them to understand so much already.  One day while we waited for Daddy to get their Visa paper work, the children were asking Mommy about Jesus.  I explained about how Jesus sees us and loves us and takes care of us.  I also explained that we have to tell Jesus we are sorry when we do something wrong.  Tibi said “I am sorry Jesus” right then and so did Dorina.  So Mommy explained about how Jesus forgives us and he wants to live in our heart.  They asked Jesus to live in their heart.  It was so sweet and brought tears to Mommy’s eyes!  Now they tell Jesus they love Him all of the time and talk about how He lives in their hearts.  They ask God to help them with everything and they thank Him all of the time!  It is so precious to watch their sweet faith!  Mommy and Daddy are learning from them!  Last night’s Genesis 1 story was sweet!  We talked about how God said, “Let there be light” and how He created.  Daddy and Mommy turned off the lights and said “God said, Let there be light” and then switched on the lights for the kids.  They said, “Again please.”  That is their famous phrase!  We did it several times.  They loved it!  They were amazed how God did that!  It was so precious!

tibi parkThe day we went to Dothan, Daddy packed a picnic.  We went to Westgate park and had our first picnic!  The kids loved it!  We also played in the park for the first time in America!  We enjoy celebrating all of our firsts in America as a family!  We had longed and dreamed for these days and it is even better than we had imagined!  We have such a wonderful family and enjoy such love and laughter!  Every day, we strive to make a memory!  It feels like we are living in a dream!  We are so proud of the kids.  They are adjusting very well and their English improves daily.  We are enjoying using the things that MCES gave us to help the children learn and prepare for school.  The children have matured and learned so much since we met them that first week.  We remember those first things the children colored and drew for us – Dorina only used one color and only scribbled.  Tibi drew a person with just a circle and some sticks for arms.  Now they are writing letters, coloring very neatly, drawing realistic pictures, reading familiar names, naming letters, counting to 40, and singing English songs all of the time!  They have learned how to sit and eat at the table, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, play together nicely, say sorry when they do something wrong, trust us and follow directions.  God has done a marvelous work!  We give God all of the glory!  We know that this is a family made in heaven and we are forever grateful!  God has blessed us all beyond measure and we strive to make every day a day full of love, laughter, and thanksgiving and praise to God!

park in America

park Westgate