First Days of School

schoolSchool has begun!  Wow!  This has been quite a year already!  I started teaching 2nd grade again after 7 years as a 3rd grade teacher.  And for the first time – we are parents of 1st graders!  What a wonderful change!  We always dreamed of this and are so grateful every day for our amazing children!

We were just thinking yesterday about the first week that we met our children – they didn’t know any English, they could only write a few letters in their names, they ran around and pouted like toddlers.  Today, they walk triumphantly to their places in the hallway for 1st grade every day.  This week, they both completed math fact work, spelling work, reading passages, and writing all by themselves.  We are so proud of them and we stand in awe of God every day as we watch how He blesses our children and helps them to grow!


We have had some wonderful compliments about our children this week.  Someone said they are the happiest children in school!  They love school and they get excited about every aspect of it!  They try very hard and are truly grateful to go to school and to learn.  They love their teachers and look forward to school each day.  Dorina hops out of bed every morning and can’t wait to get to school.  Their teachers have told us that they are working very hard and are learning very quickly.  Their English vocabulary is amazing!  The adjustments that they have made in the last few months are astounding.  They are polite and helpful at school too.  We couldn’t be more proud of our precious children.  We have had a wonderful first two weeks of school!

It is a new experience for us to get up so early and travel to school together each morning – but what a joy to go to school all together.  Daddy packs our lunches, fixes our breakfast, and has dinner ready for us when we get home!  Daddy is amazing!  Thank you Daddy for taking such good care of us!  The kids are great little helpers when I get to school in the morning and after school.  They help Mommy get her classroom ready for the next day.  We work on homework and study sight words and spelling.  It is a very busy day and sometimes long but we enjoy being a family.

We can hardly believe that just 7 months ago – we met the children for the first time.  It feels like we have always been a family.  There is so much love and joy in our home!  Our children are so helpful and kind.  We love to read God’s word together and pray together as a family after dinner.  Our children are praying for all of the children who are in the process of being adopted or who need a family to love them.  Our children pray for those who have been adopted as they transition.  Our children are grateful for all that God has given to them.  We thank God for the love and joy that we feel every day.  Thank you God for a great start to a great year!

Tibi’s Birthday!

We can’t believe that we have been a Forever Family for 6 months now!   We thank God every day for our family!  Every day is a new adventure and filled with so much joy!  We have been so blessed to celebrate all four of our birthdays together this year!  Each one has been very special and filled with wonderful memories!

tibi and partyTibi had been waiting in expectation of his birthday for months.  I think from the day after Dorina’s party 🙂  He talked about it on a regular basis.  We asked each of the children to pick 3 gifts that they would like for their birthday, and then we choose one to give them.  We let him pick a cake theme – which changed on a regular basis!  We have been showing the children Disney movies – as Daddy and Mommy have always been big Disney fans!  When we tell the kids that we love them, I started saying “I love you to infinity and beyond.”  We explained to the kids where that phrase came from and we purchased the movie to show them.  So when we were looking at cake ideas, we saw Toy Story and Tibi said he wanted a Toy Story cake and to watch the movie for his birthday!  What a great idea!

tibi candlesTibi went with Daddy on the morning of his birthday so Mommy and Dorina could get everything ready for him.  We got the cake, cleaned, and set everything up.  Tibi had wanted flowers – our sweet little boy  – so we picked some flowers from the front yard and made up a sweet little arrangement for him.  We got him a Mickey Mouse balloon and had everything ready for him.

Tibi was so excited all day long and talked about his birthday!  He told everyone!  When he got home, we made him close his eyes and walked him into the dining room.  When he opened his eyes he said “Ohhhhhh.”   He was so happy with everything.  We opened presents first.  Dorina had used her own money to buy Tibi a special present from the Dollar Tree.   tibi guitarThe children are so sweet and loving toward each other!  We are so proud of them.   He opened Dorina’s gift first and was very happy.  She had picked out a little store register drawer with play money in it.  Then it was time for his big present.  He was pretty sure he knew what it was and he was right.  He wanted a guitar and we got him a kid size guitar.  He was so excited!  I also purchased a beginners guitar book for him with a CD and DVD and I am planning to teach myself and Tibi how to play guitar.  I have always wanted to learn too.  We are both very excited.  Dorina wants Tibi to play for her so she can sing.  We are such a musical family!  We all love to sing praises to Jesus!!!!

After presents it was time to dig into the beautiful cake!  Tibi was so excited!  He had so much fun eating it and he was very happy about the toys that he would get off the top of the cake.  It was so cute to watch him blow out the Number Six candle.  It took many tries and was so much fun!


DSCN4524We sat down to watch Toy Story after cake.  The kids both really enjoyed it.  In fact, Tibi literally sat on the edge of his seat for the entire movie.  I tried to get him to set back on the couch with me, but he was riveted to the movie!  He had his Toy Story characters from the cake in his hands and would do the same movements with them as the movie.  He giggled and was intense on the movie!  It was so special!

tibi goulashThe last item of the party was the one Daddy had been working on for weeks.  Tibi had requested a traditional Hungarian meal for his birthday – Gulyás (Goulash).   Daddy had researched, asked a friend of ours who lives in Hungary, and spent hours looking over recipes.  Tibi had requested that it not be as spicy as it had been when he ate it in Hungary.  Tibi also wanted bread and butter with it so he could dip the bread in his soup.  Daddy did a wonderful job!  It was delicious and Tibi was so happy!  Tibi said it tasted just like Hungary but without the spicy.  Good job Daddy!  It was a wonderful meal!

tibi with flowersTibi said he had a wonderful birthday!  We thank God that we have been able to celebrate both of their birthdays this year with them!  We are so proud of them!  They are amazing children!  They are ready and excited about going to school in August!  They have learned so much!  People can’t believe how good their English is and we get compliments on their behavior all of the time!  Our favorite time is still devotions and prayer time.  We sit at the table now right after supper.  We read the Bible together, recite verses, and have family prayer time.  It is the most wonderful and special time of all!  We start with worship, then we ask God for our requests, we ask for His forgiveness and tell Him how much we love Him.  Then we pause and listen to His voice.  We are always amazed at what the children share that God is telling them.  It is so sweet and insightful!  At the end, we spend time in thankfulness to God.  God has given our children such sweet and tender spirits!  We are forever grateful for our Forever Family!!!!

A Week of Firsts

We went on our first family vacation!  This vacation was filled with things that the kids had never done and things we had never done as a family!  It was so much fun!!!

We went to Savannah, Georgia.  We filled the kids bags with lots of fun things to do in the car and filled the back of the Santa Fa full to the top of stuff and set out on our way!  We had a lovely room at the Oglathorpe Inn and Suites.  It had lots of room for us and a really good price!  We are blessed!  The staff was so nice in helping us get set up with extra blankets and sheets too!

first trolleyThe next morning, we ate breakfast in the lovely atrium at the hotel and set off to catch the Old Town Trolley!  The kids were so excited about it!  We had a blast.  We got off the trolley to eat lunch and then to get some Gelatooooh!  When it started to get hot, we went back to the car and back to the hotel for swimming!

DSCN4214Our kids have become water babies!  They love to swim and get braver and better every time they get in the water!  Dorina got so brave, she was jumping in and swimming in the shallow end without her floaties!  It was so great!  She is really get good.  She also dives down to the bottom to retrieve a little sinking squid toy we got for them.  Tibi made great progress.  He is a great swimmer with his floaties.  He is still gaining confidence in going under the water, but he does do it now and he “hopped” in a few times too.  His hop is truly a hop and he barely gets water on his face 🙂  They have made such wonderful progress in the three different times we have been at pools.



The next day we were off again to the Trolley.  This time we planned to get off several times and also to eat our lunch in the famous Forsythe Park.  We had fun getting off, taking pictures, and seeing the sites.  It was a warm day, but we had fun.  One fun thing we did this day was suggested by a girl at Publix.  We rode the free ferry boat to Hutchinson Island and checked out the Big Hotel and Spa there.  Tibi loved the boat ride!  On the way back across the boat made two stops!  It was even air conditioned!  It was a great fun free activity!  Thanks God!  Publix is daddy’s favorite store!

DSCN4125We had the greatest meals while we were there!  We ate at The Lunchbox with Chef Tony Rosetta!!!!  Tony brought a little grill and a plastic bowl.  He is a master chef, because from these items, he was able to make hamburger steak with gravy and baked potatoes.  He also made ravioli with sauce and salad.  One night he made Tortellini and sauce.  He also made pork chops and mashed potatoes for one meal!  Talk about the Macgyver of the kitchen – that’s Daddy!  It was delicious!

DSCN4160The next day we met some dear friends of ours.  We met them a few years ago on a cruise and they adopted us as their kids.  They supported our adoption and where so excited to meet the children!  We had lunch with them and the children loved them!  Then we went to play some games and ride the go carts!  The kids really enjoyed the go carts.  We wanted to do miniture golf but it was just too hot when we were there.  It was a great time of fellowship!

Dad and kids TybeeWe also made a visit to Tybee Island while we were there.  We went in the morning and saw the lighthouse, but it was too hot to climb it.  We also went over to the beach.  This was the first time the kids had seen the ocean!  They loved the shells scattered along the beach and they started hunting for good ones right away.  Then we went to the water!  They loved it!  They are Mommy’s kids!  Mommy loves the beach!  horseshoe crabWe got to see a horseshoe crab while we were walking along the beach.  Tibi was intrigued.  After a walk along the beach, we rinsed off our feet and headed for lunch!  Pizza!  Gelato!

It was a warm afternoon so we headed to the hotel for a while.  Around 4PM,  we suited up, grabbed a good sandwich, and went to the pier on Tybee Island.  That is when we realized just how much the kids liked the ocean!  It was a perfect evening with a breeze and clouds and even a rainbow!!!  The kids loved the waves, the sand, and the surf!  We had to drag them out after it was dark!  But we plan on going back real soon!

DSCN4313On our way home, we stopped at Macon, GA.  We were tired and needed some rest and had a few stops to make there.  We wanted to stay in Savannah a few more days, but the hotel was booked.  But we found a treasure near Macon!  The Museum of Aviation in Warner Robbins.  It was amazing and the kids loved it!  They got to interact with planes, controls, buttons, and gadgets!  It was a blast and it was free!!!!  Tibi loves planes.  The kids were intrigued by all of the history of America that we found there!  It was awesome!  These are our kids –  we love history and museums!  Father God is amazing!

First Mother’s Day

Mother's day breakfast

I have waited so many years to celebrate this day! I thank God for the title of Mommy! That morning, the children took me to breakfast 🙂 We had fun. I gave Tibi some money and we went to Hardees. Dorina and Tibi ordered for me and paid for it. They thought it was fun to take Mommy to breakfast! Tibi even remembered to order coffee for Mommy! It was precious.

Mothers day giftThey gave me a beautiful necklace – two actually! Daddy ordered a cross from Lifeline for the kids to give to me and he also ordered a beautiful mother’s necklace! I really wanted one and this one is beautiful!!!! It has a stone for all three of my children on it! There is one for Makayla, Dorina, and Tibi!

Every day is mother’s day when I hear those precious words, “I love you Mommy!”


The children are learning and growing so much every day! I am amazed at how much they have learned. They know almost all of the phonics cards we have been working on and make almost all of the sounds correctly now. We are working on a few sounds but they know all of the sounds of the alphabet and are starting to work on blends. They can spell simple words when we sound them out and we are working on reading rhyming words. They can count to 100 with a little help (after 30, they need some help on the tens). They use longer sentences and are actually using compound sentences now and pronouns! Dorina has been reading a rhyming book every day.

DSCN4022We have been doing role play to help learn how to act in social situations. They enjoy role play time. Sometimes we act it out and sometimes we use Barbie Dolls. They have learned so much through role play.

DSCN4028Here are some of their newest and cutest sayings – carrot card (credit card) and take off the beep beep beep – the bar code sticker. Tibi likes to use the camya (camera) and Dorina likes to do the puzzool (puzzle). Whenever something seems sad or hard, Tibi says “It’ll be alright.” If you ask them to do something they may say, “Alrighty.” If something happens in the morning, “Dorina did it in the good morning.” And the most frequently heard phrase from Dorina is “all kinds of stuff.”

Here is our goodnight chorus! – I love you. – I love you more. – I love you most. – I love you to the moon and back. – I love you to infinity and beyond!

Playing Games

We have fun playing games, singing, dancing, laughing, and just being together!!!

They are so sweet and we are so very proud of them! They make each day special and bring so much joy and happiness to our house! Parenthood agrees with us! Daddy dances and laughs and smiles more than I have ever seen! Each day is full of joy and wonderful surprises! We love them so much and they shower us with love every day! “I love you to infinity and beyond!”

Life in the Rosetta House

turtlesLife in the Rosetta House is full of wonderful surprises, love, and laughter.  The children really like to help out around the house.  They are great helpers in the kitchen.  Tonight, when Mommy came home from work, Daddy was working on dinner.  Dorina and Tibi were cutting up hot dogs to go in the corn dog casserole.   It was yummy!  They help with cleaning the house too and they enjoy helping.  They are great at helping clear the table, wash the table, and put the dishes in the dishwasher.  They enjoy helping.  We are very proud of our little helpers!  They have also helped Daddy plant flowers and work in the yard!

Our favorite time of day is after showers when we sit down together to read the Bible and pray.  The children have been learning scripture verses.  They know 5 of them now.  We have also been learning about the 10 Commandments.  One day we were studying the story of Moses and the 10 commandments.  We read about how Moses went up on the mountain to be alone with God and how God wrote on the tablets, Dorina said, “how sweet.”  They know almost all of the commandments by memory now and they also apply them to other Bible stories and every day life.  We were reading about Elijah and how King Ahab wanted the people to worship Baal and Tibi said “Number one – God is the only God and Number two – Worship only God!”  It is so amazing to watch God work in their hearts.  It is so awesome how Dorina and Tibi are hungry for God’s Word and how they love Him so much!

Each night after Bible time, we spend time praying.  When we were praying and talking about loving God one night, Tibi said, “Jesus,  God, I love you both!”  Each night, they say, “I’m sorry God for what I did wrong,” and “I love you God.”  The children enjoy praying for others in the church and for family members.  They pray for each other and they pray that God will help them too.  One night, Dorina asked God to help her make the “Z” sound that she was having trouble with.  (We work on Saxon Phonics)  She then tried to make the sound and made it perfectly!  She has made it every since!  She was so excited that God had answered her prayer so quickly!  After we pray, we also pause and listen for what God has to say to us.  It is so awesome to watch them get quiet and see them get huge smiles on their faces.  When we ask them what they are smiling about, they say things like, “God told me He loves me.  I feel God loving me.  God told me He forgives me for what I did wrong today.  God told me to obey Mommy and Daddy.”  They are teaching Mommy and Daddy more about God every day!

bikesTonight was a beautiful evening so we went for a bike ride.  The children enjoy riding their new bikes.  Tibi has some weakness in his legs and bike riding is a great exercise for him.  He is already making improvement.  His feet turned out and his legs were very weak when we first met him.  He has been practicing keeping his feet pointed forward and walking.  He is also practicing his endurance on his bike and he is making great progress.  We have quite a few hills around our place and at first he needed a lot of help to get up those hills, but he is doing wonderful now!  There is a pond, not too far from our house.  We like to ride the bikes to the pond and feed the turtles!  We have found that the turtles like popcorn and bread crumbs.  The kids really enjoy watching the turtles come right up to us and get the bread.  Even the fish enjoyed it that last time!  We enjoyed seeing the baby turtles the last time!

Recently, Papa and Nonnie sent us the Barbies that Mommy used to play with as a child.  It brought back some wonderful memories for Mommy!  But it was so amazing how God sent them at just the right time!  We set them up and each took some of the Barbies and set up the store/hospital/house and started playing.  I had no idea what great role play we would have that day!  We talked about behaviors in social settings and other issues that the children have been working on.  It was amazing how God led our play time and helped the children understand some of the rules that Mommy and Daddy have been teaching them!  God always lead us if we will only listen and follow!  I hadn’t thought of Barbie doll role play – but it was perfect!

We are thankful for each day that we get to spend together!  The children are so happy and full of life.  They are speaking in full sentences and beginning to use pronouns correctly.  They know all of the sounds to the alphabet and are working on spelling short words and rhyming words.  They are learning their address and so much more.  We are so proud of them!  They work very hard and learn and grow each day!  Each day we lean on God for guidance and direction and He is so faithful to provide!  We are all growing closer to the Lord every day!

Official Referral……

We have been waiting anxiously the last 3 weeks for the email we received today!  The Hungarian Court system officially proposed (the official referral from Hungary) that we adopt Tibor and Dorina!!!!!!  I cried when I read the email during my break today.  I was so excited to call Tony and tell him, but the Agency had already called to tell him.  We are so very happy!  It is official!  We get to adopt Dorina and Tiobr and make them ours!  We have fallen head over heals in love with them as we watch them in the videos and look at their sweet faces in the pictures!  We are so proud!!!!  God has blessed us beyond measure!  We are still waiting to hear the travel date but we are still looking at leaving in January!  Thank you Father God!!!!

Coming Together

Our Puzzle Fundraiser is coming together thanks to so many of you who have donated to help us give Dorina and Tibor a forever family!

If you or someone you know is considering giving a tax deductable year end gift – please consider our Adoption Fund.  Send your check to

Haleburg United Methodist Church Adoption Fund
c/o Pastor Tony and Cary Rosetta
4A Merion Drive
Eufaula, AL 36027

Please share this information if you know of anyone interested in giving.  Help us complete our puzzle and complete our goal before we travel in January!  We are so thankful for each person represented on this puzzle!  God has blessed us and we thank Him daily for each precious name on the back of this puzzle!  Please consider being a piece of the puzzle that unites us with our precious children!!!  God bless!


What a Great Show!

Last nights show was amazing!  Taylor Mason is so talented and an awesome Christian guy!  Thanks so much to everyone who came!  We had an awesome evening!  We don’t have a count yet – but what a great crowd!  We are so thankful for everyone who came and for all of the great donations we received yesterday!  Thanks to “The Big House, Orphan Advocates, Lifeline Children’s Services, and Wiregrass Children’s Home” for setting up booths and sharing about your ministry!  We raised awareness!  Thank you to all who bought a ticket, sponsored the show (Goldfingers, Harvest Church, Mike Schmitz and Marcia Hudson Ministries), and donated – you are helping families adopt!!!!  Here is the video we showed last night.

We thank you Father God for a successful night and for all of the great things to come!!!!!  Father God, You are awesome!

Home Study and Fundraising Update

Today we have our 2nd Home Study meeting. This meeting consists of individual interviews about our autobiographies. She said it will only take about an hour and a half each! Wow! Condensing ones life to an hour and a half should be interesting. I guess we will just be giving the cliff notes – ha! But the trick is…..what does the other person do for an hour and a half in the waiting area????? We plan to take the nook, our Bible, MP3 player, and…..maybe the portable DVD player. That should keep us busy.

We have an update on our fundraising. We are very excited to announce that we have booked Taylor Mason, a Christian Comedian and Ventriloquist to come to Dothan on November 18 at 6:00 PM at Harvest Church on Fortner Street. Tickets will go on sale probably the first of September. We are so excited about this benefit show! We are seeking corporate sponsorship to help defray the cost of the show. Yesterday, we were blessed with our first donation to the show! Dothan’s Mayor, Mike Schmitz, gave us our first big donation! We are so grateful!!! Contact us if you would like more information about being a sponsor!

We are also working on another fundraiser – Puzzle Pieces. A friend of ours is going to paint a picture for us to use for the puzzle. She will be including some floral designs from Hungarian embroidery that we found. Once she has completed the painting, we will send it off to be made into a puzzle. We have seen several families doing a fund raiser like this for their adoption. Anyone who makes a donation to the Puzzle Pieces can either sign their name to the back of a piece, or we will sign it for you. Once the puzzle is finished, we will hang it in the kids room to show them all the people that helped bring them home!

We will post updates about these fundraisers as we are able! We thank everyone who has already given to help us bring our children home. If you would like to be a part of this blessings, click the donate button on this page! God bless you!

God’s Heart: Adoption [video]

Every 2 seconds an orphan dies of malnutrition.

Every 2.2 seconds a child ages out of the system (orphanage – age 16 and foster care age 18) and has no place to go, no skills, and no one to turn to. They are given about $20 and sometimes a ride to the shelter.

One study reported that of 15,000 orphans aging out of state-run institutions every year, about 1,000 committed suicide, 5,000 were unemployed, 6,000 were homeless and 3,000 were in prison within three years…

 According to the “Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life,” in 2010 there were 2.18 billion Christians around the world, nearly a third of the global population. 

So if there are so many Christians in the world, why are there so many orphans, and so many people alone and suffering????

Matthew 25: 35-36
For I was hungry and you gave Me food, I was thirsty and you gave Me something to drink, I was a stranger and you brought Me in and welcomed Me, I was naked and you clothed Me, I was sick and you visited Me.

information taken from “Facts and Statistics” from “Orphan Hope International”