First Mother’s Day

Mother's day breakfast

I have waited so many years to celebrate this day! I thank God for the title of Mommy! That morning, the children took me to breakfast ūüôā We had fun. I gave Tibi some money and we went to Hardees. Dorina and Tibi ordered for me and paid for it. They thought it was fun to take Mommy to breakfast! Tibi even remembered to order coffee for Mommy! It was precious.

Mothers day giftThey gave me a beautiful necklace – two actually! Daddy ordered a cross from Lifeline for the kids to give to me and he also ordered a beautiful mother’s necklace! I really wanted one and this one is beautiful!!!! It has a stone for all three of my children on it! There is one for Makayla, Dorina, and Tibi!

Every day is mother’s day when I hear those precious words, “I love you Mommy!”


The children are learning and growing so much every day! I am amazed at how much they have learned. They know almost all of the phonics cards we have been working on and make almost all of the sounds correctly now. We are working on a few sounds but they know all of the sounds of the alphabet and are starting to work on blends. They can spell simple words when we sound them out and we are working on reading rhyming words. They can count to 100 with a little help (after 30, they need some help on the tens). They use longer sentences and are actually using compound sentences now and pronouns! Dorina has been reading a rhyming book every day.

DSCN4022We have been doing role play to help learn how to act in social situations. They enjoy role play time. Sometimes we act it out and sometimes we use Barbie Dolls. They have learned so much through role play.

DSCN4028Here are some of their newest and cutest sayings – carrot card (credit card) and take off the beep beep beep – the bar code sticker. Tibi likes to use the camya (camera) and Dorina likes to do the puzzool (puzzle). Whenever something seems sad or hard, Tibi says “It’ll be alright.” If you ask them to do something they may say, “Alrighty.” If something happens in the morning, “Dorina did it in the good morning.” And the most frequently heard phrase from Dorina is “all kinds of stuff.”

Here is our goodnight chorus! – I love you. – I love you more. – I love you most. – I love you to the moon and back. – I love you to infinity and beyond!

Playing Games

We have fun playing games, singing, dancing, laughing, and just being together!!!

They are so sweet and we are so very proud of them! They make each day special and bring so much joy and happiness to our house! Parenthood agrees with us! Daddy dances and laughs and smiles more than I have ever seen! Each day is full of joy and wonderful surprises! We love them so much and they shower us with love every day! “I love you to infinity and beyond!”

Travel Date

Dorina Tibor bearsWe received an email yesterday that we can book our tickets! ¬†Yay!! ¬†We have immigration approval and our travel date!! ¬†Yay!!! ¬†It is only a few short weeks until we leave to meet our children! We can’t believe we are so close to meeting them!!! ¬†We thank God daily for all that He has done on this journey!

We ask for your prayers and support. ¬†We have found out that the return plane tickets will be more than we had anticipated. ¬†The grant and loan applications that we have filled out have not given us any word about receiving funds from them and we are now down to the wire –¬†literally¬† ¬†We have to wire $18,000 to Hungary before we leave. ¬†We also have to pay for airline tickets for us within the next few days. ¬†We have to have the money to live in Hungary for a number of weeks and money to bring the kids home on the plane! ¬†We are asking for your help! ¬†If you can help, please go to our Donate¬†page. ¬†We would be forever grateful and we know that God will surely bless you!

We believe that “God will supply all of our needs according to His glorious riches” and that “He who began a good work…….will complete it.” ¬†We have been blessed by so many wonderful gifts and donations! ¬†We thank you for your prayers and your support! ¬†God moved our journey along faster than we had expected and we know that He has a plan to provide for the journey! ¬†God bless you all and Merry Christmas!