It’s Christmas

tree 2012Christmas ……We can’t believe it is that time already!  This year has been so full…….of paperwork!!  It seems that we haven’t had time to take a breath since we started the application process to Lifeline Children’s Services in May.  Wow!  The amazing thing is……we are just weeks away from traveling to Hungary to meet our children and bring them home!!!

We sat by our beautiful tree last night, drinking hot chocolate and eating chocolate chip cookies (My Tony makes awesome Cocoa and Cookies!) and we talked and dreamed about next month.  If everything goes according to plan we will be meeting our kids in less than 5 weeks!  This has been an amazing journey!  God has blessed us all along the way.  Every time we have a payment due or a fee to pay, God has brought precious people along who have blessed us financially.  Every time we have had a need, God has been right there to provide, just in time!

We were talking last night, about how Jesus was adopted by Joseph.  Joseph raised Jesus as his own son.  And if Jesus had not come to earth as a baby, we would not have been adopted as God’s very own children – His sons and daughters.  We are so blessed to be a part of the miracle of adoption as God’s kids and so blessed that He chose us to adopt these precious children from Hungary.  We look forward to sharing this story and God’s abundant love with our son and daughter.

In a few weeks, the miracle of a family will take place.  God has already placed such love for these children in our hearts.  We have made all of the preparations that we can and have worked so hard to make a special place for them.  It has been a joy to do so.  As we think of that, we pause and think of what joy it gave Father God to send His son to earth for us.  We think of the joy that He takes in preparing things for us.  And we think of how often we forget to be grateful for all that He has done.  As we prepare to be parents and experience such joy and overwhelming emotions, we know that it doesn’t even begin to compare to how much God loves us, His children.  Wow!  Father God, watches us daily, waiting for us to look in His direction and spend a few moments with Him.

manger 2So, as Christmas approaches, don’t forget to pause before your Father in Heaven Who loved you so much, He gave you all He has!  God bless each of you as you celebrate the wonderful miraculous gift of Jesus!!!!!

for the fatherless………..

Today is Father’s Day.  We celebrate fathers and fatherhood! We are thankful for fathers!
But God has burdened our hearts for the fatherless today.  We pray for those who have never known a loving father and for those who are abandoned and alone.

“For  in You, O lord, the fatherless find love, pity, and mercy.  They that dwell under His (God’s) shade shall return;  they shall revive like the grain and blossom like the vine….”  Hosea 14:3, 7

God loves the fatherless.  He loves us all very much, but He has great compassion for the fatherless.  He has put compassion in our hearts for the fatherless.  Today we pray for the orphans.  Today we know that God is wrapping His arms of love around the orphans!

God also led us to some scriptures in 2 Corinthians today.

“Laboring together as God’s fellow workers with Him, we beg of you not to receive God’s grace in vain… not receive it to no purpose.”  2 Corinthians 6:1

We like that word “laboring” together with God.  It may not be laboring to give birth in the traditional way, but we labor in a different way to give birth to our family.  We feel strongly that God has called us at this time and to this place (Hungary) to labor with Him to provide a safe and loving home to the fatherless. We gratefully follow Him in this call.