Our life almost two years later

fallSo much has happened since my last post.  But one things remains true – God has blessed us abundantly and there is so much love in our family!

The kids are in 2nd grade this year and are excelling.  It amazes me each day how much they have learned and how much they have grown over the last 22 months.  As I type that number, I am amazed that it has only been that long!  We feel like we have been together forever!  That is what a forever family feels like!  I am smiling as I think about God’s goodness to us!  God also adopts us and puts us in His forever family!  We have an awesome God!

We closed the restaurant in the fall.  We love our family and our family time too much!  Tony hardly had any time to spend with the children and we were always so busy!  We decided that it was the best thing for our family.  We have started a new venture though.  The kids have had serious allergy issues since we brought them home.  So do Tony and I.  Some dear friends of ours, introduced us to a company called Genesis Pure.  Genesis Pure is pure, natural, vitamins, minerals, and superfruits to help your body cleanse, balance, and build your way to health.  We decided to try it.  Genesis Pure has made such an amazing difference in our lives!  Our family is free from allergies!  We also have more energy (not that the kids needed more energy – but the parents sure did!).  We feel so much better all around!  We have even been able to quit taking our medications!  We feel so much healthier!  We created our own website to share with others because we believe that God gave us the things on the earth for us to be healthy – we believe in all natural remedies instead of medications with side affects.  http://puregen4u.com/

Since we started feeling so healthy and Tony is home more, he has started making things from scratch!  We have enjoyed fresh homemade bread, butter, and peanut butter!  The meals we eat at home are exquisite!  He makes most things from scratch and the flavors are wonderful!  We are so proud of our chef at home!

We enjoy our family time!  The kids really enjoy games!  We have played twister, Clue, Battleship, Phase Ten, Chicken Foot, Monopoly, etc.  We are not a techy family or a TV family – we enjoy spending time together!  We do enjoy playing games together on the Wii.  The kids and I played basketball on the Wii one day for hours.  I found out that there are some muscles in my legs that I hadn’t used much!  Ouch!  But it was worth it!

Tibi is still our writer.  He enjoys reading and writing over most activities!  Recently at church, Tibi took notes on everything that was said.  He wrote an entire page front and back!  He likes to write notes to family too!  His notes are so sweet!  His favorite book to read is his Bible.  He reads it each night and enjoys telling us about what he read.  He excels in reading and writing at school too.  Tibi is also a singer – he makes up his own songs all day long!

Dorina really enjoys her music!  She sings almost all of the time.  She has been singing Christmas music for weeks already!!!  She is also our big helper!  She really enjoys helping around the house!  She is such a big help!  She is making so much progress at reading!  She enjoys it now too!  She reads her Bible every night also.  She really enjoys math too!  She loves to help Daddy in the kitchen and wants to learn to make everything Daddy does!

Our children are such a joy to us!  They have given us so much love and laughter and joy!  They are the happiest children we know!  We are very proud of them and we thank God for them daily!