Successfully Completed 1st Grade!

t d zooWe are proud to announce that Dorina and Tibi Rosetta successfully completed their first year in School!!  They both completed 1st grade with all As and Bs for the entire school year!  They both made the A/B Honor Roll for the year.  Dorina also received a certificate for the Most Improved Student!  We are so proud of our precious ones!

This has been an exciting and amazing year!  We have watched the children grow in so many ways!  We thank God daily for the wonderful and amazing things He has done in our children and in our family.  They have improved in all of their education skills as well as their social skills.  They write amazing sentences and have vocabulary that is amazing!  No one can believe that they have only been speaking English for about a year and a half.  They are so creative and they still love life and are so full of happiness and joy!  They have always been such happy and grateful children!  They love Jesus and worship Him, talk to Him, and walk with Him every day!  Our hearts are full as we begin a wonderful summer together!

d awardDorina started the year with many fears and she struggled with reading – but she has worked hard and grown so much.  At the beginning of the year, someone had to hold the door for her quick escape from the bathroom as she was afraid of the toilet sound.  She was afraid of all things that fly or crawl on the ground (spiders, bugs, etc).  She didn’t want to do her homework or try her best or sit and listen.  Now – I write this with tears of joy and pride – she toddles off to the bathroom all by herself without a care.  She kills her own spiders and bugs!  She is so independant!  She reads 1st grade books all by herself and writes sentences to express her thoughts about the book.  She is amazing!  She had a wonderful teacher who encouraged her progress, guided her, and helped her express her creativity.  Her teacher came to me with tears in her eyes to tell me how proud she was of the progress that Dorina made this year!  Dorina’s reading level started at a 0.3 and she progressed two grade levels by the end of the year.

t honorsTibi started the year with a love of reading and a love of being a follower of others.  His teacher helped guide him in his eagerness to learn.  We talked to him and guided him in being a leader and following Jesus and no one else.  Tibi struggled more in Math and we worked with real life objects and examples in the car on the way home each day to help him understand and excel in Math.  He worked on learning to think before he acted and to be an example for others to follow.  Last night, Tibi sat on the bed and read a 2nd grade level Arthur book to us with great expression!  He also wrote a paragraph about the problem, solution, and his favorite part of the book!  I write this with tears of joy in my eyes as I think of his progress this year!  We are so proud!

We are planning a summer full of activities!  We already went to the library and checked out books to read and write about.  We are planning to play store to help practice our counting money skills.  We are practicing our math facts daily.  We each plan to put together a scrapbook of our favorite memories from the last year and write about our experiences.  Yesterday, we played in the water in the yard and Dorina rode her bike without training wheels!  We are so thankful for each moment that God has given us as a Forever Family!

This year has been full of fun and adventure.  Daddy is still working hard at our wonderful restaurant, Tib-A-Dor’s Station.  You can check out our website tibador’s or our facebook page or our Google+ page.  The kids have been helping Daddy at Tib-A-Dor’s Station and will be helping some this summer.  They love to go with Daddy and work!  We are so blessed!  We thank God for the wonderful things that he keeps doing every day in our lives!  Thank you Jesus!


Making Preparations

We have been working hard to prepare the kids room.  We put in a new floor and the furniture arrived!!!  We have done some shopping to get their room ready for them!  We can’t wait to bring them home! Daddy has become quite the handy man and Mommy is so proud of him!  This is a labor of love!

We have had fun shopping and making lists of things for the kids.  We have found a few things that we think the kids will enjoy.  The videos of the kids gave us information about their likes and interests.  We are in the process of making a Walmart Wish List of things we need for the kids.  This is the kind of shopping we have been dreaming about!!!!



We have been matched!  God is bringing a beautiful 6 year old girl named Dorina and a handsome 5 year old boy named Tibor  into our family!  We are so very excited!  We are head over heals in love with these beautiful children!  We have seen their pictures, medical reports and a few videos of them!  We get chills and tears every time we look at their beautiful faces!!!!  We have been preparing their room and gathering the things we need for them.  We have been having such fun!  We are almost finished with their room!  These are the very special bears we made at Build A Bear workshop for our kids!  We can’t wait to give the bears to our precious children!

We need your help and prayers!  We will be traveling in mid January (God willing).  That is a few months sooner than we had anticipated.  This is wonderful news and we are so excited!  We are working to get everything in order for the trip to Hungary.  We would appreciate greatly your prayers as we prepare.  We also need your help in getting the funds we need to travel.  We will have to have the funds in late December which is quickly approaching.  We also found out that Hungary will require about $9000 more than we expected.  We are confident that God will provide!  We are trusting Him to bring in all of the funds at just the right time!  He has brought us this far!  We thank you for your prayers!  Please share our blog, facebook page, and story and help us raise the funds we need to go get our son and daughter!  We are still in need of about $33000.  Thank you and God bless you!

I will post more soon about the exciting things that we have done to prepare for our son and daughter!  God bless!