Creative Lessons

We have had a lot of fun learning this summer.  Our family motto is “Make Every Day a Memory!”  So we spend time each day doing something special together.  That something special may be as simple as tickle time – but we make an effort to connect, bond, and love each other every day.

One of our favorite things is after meal time hugs and laps.  After the kids finish eating, they come and sit in our laps.  We talk, laugh, tickle, hug, and make that time special.  We pray that as the children grow up and even get to be teens, our after dinner talks, hugs, and laughs will always be a part of our family routine.


The kids needed some work on vocabulary and on some math skills, so we came up with some creative play to learn.  The first day, we set up a store.  We used empty containers and boxes and some of their toys.


We put little green stickers on each item for prices.  We used different dollar and cent amounts and then gave them some play money.  They did not know the names of the coins yet so Mommy was the cashier and helped them learn coin names and counting with coins.  They had a blast!  They enjoyed learning to count money and buying fun items.  We played for hours and they learned most of the names of the coins and the amount that each coin is worth.


They had to recognize the cost of the item by number recognition and then whether it was dollars or cents by the sign.  We had so much fun!  This was something that I played in my kindergarten class when I was little and I have always remembered it!

Astronaut collageThe kids did not know anything about space or the moon.  So we set up a day that we became astronauts!  We read a book about an astronaut and his trip to the moon.  Then a few days later, we suited up and went on a moon walk!  The kids had so much fun!  We talked about the spaceship, the rockets, gravity, and so much vocabulary.  We used their beds for the space shuttle and blasted off – we practiced counting backwards.  Then we went down the stairs and collected moon rocks.  I had them put weights on the moon rocks – we counted by 10s and 5s.  When we got finished collecting moon rocks, we collect specimens.  I had placed their phonics cards all over the room.  They had to find a card, write the word for the card (with my help) in their scientific astronaut notebooks.  They had so much fun!  We even used the jet packs to collect the specimens and one of the kids floated away and I had to rescue Tibi!  Then Tibi had to rescue Dorina!  We used pretend walkie talkies to communicate and even made the skeee noises!  We also took a break from our mission and had a moon snack – “Moon Pie

We read “A Pocket for Corduroy” one day and then practiced sewing large buttons on canvas.  The kids really enjoyed that too.  We practice writing our names, address, phone numbers, and they have started spelling a few small words.  They still love to sing and that is a daily activity.  Tibi makes up songs all day long about scriptures, numbers, and whatever it is he is doing at the time.  He may be a song writer someday!  The kids love to sing to Jesus and do it all day long!  They also enjoy creative play and are so cute when they play!  They really enjoy imitating every thing that Mommy and Daddy do – that keeps us on our toes!  :-)s!”  The kids had a blast!!!!

IMG_0136We have had fun reading books, riding bikes, playing Frisbee and many other things.  It has been a wonderful time!  The kids have learned many more scripture verses and pray for every one and every thing.  They listen to hear what God is telling them and are so sweet and loving!  We are so proud and so blessed!  We thank God for each day!

A Day of Fun and Learning

Today we went to the mall, but we took learning activities and games with us!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe started by drawing pictures together.  The children did some wonderful drawings and Mommy and Daddy drew some pictures too!  We also got out a memory game today.  They picked up right away that they needed to match the cards.  We all took turns and the children loved it!  They love to say “Good Job” and “Oh no” in English.  They also know how to count to ten in English already!  They have picked up several words and phrases already!

We also bought a new game today.  We bought the Wobbly Chef.  You roll a dice and it tells you what to put on the chef’s plates.  You have to try to balance each plate or he falls over.  They loved this game!

We spent time tracing numbers and letters today and we named colors, numbers, and animals.  They love learning new words!  The children give us lots of wonderful hugs and kisses and have told us they love us in Hungarian!  We love them so!

The foster parents and our worker here are impressed how we are so kind and loving and how the children love us and love being with us! Adam says it is “wonderful, wonderful” that they children hug us and kiss us and want to always be with us!  God has done an amazing work in the children and in our family!  We are forever grateful to Father God!!!!


This is the picture that Mommy drew today. The children liked it.   Tibor and Dorina enjoyed saying “Daddy, Mommy, Dorina, Tibor” and Tibor points to each of us as we say it.  Ahhh – it warms our hearts so!