Tib-A-Dor’s Station

20131223-080813.jpgDaddy’s restaurant is now open! It is beautiful and the food is amazing! We are so proud of Daddy and Tib-A-Dor’s Station!

tibadors 2The restaurant is named after our children.  We adopted our daughter and son from Hungary at the beginning of this year.  The butterfly on the sign is for our sweet daughter Makayla Alice who died shortly after birth.  This restaurant is Daddy’s dream and we have all worked hard to help Daddy start this new adventure.

Look for us on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/Tibadors and on the web http://tib-a-dorsstation.com/

tibadors 5

Come join us!  Located at 520 N Oates Street, Dothan, Alabama next to the City Building and across from the Library. Open Monday through Thursday 10:30 to 7:30 an Fridays until 8:30.

This weeks events

“A father to the fatherless….is God in His Holy habitation.  God places the lonely in families and gives them a home in which to dwell.” –Psalm 68:5-6

Each night we pray for kids who don’t have a family to love them.   We don’t know what the children that we will adopt will look like yet or who they are, but God does.  God sees them where they are at this very moment.  He has known from the beginning of time that he would take us on this journey.  God is such a tender and loving Father and He wants what is best for each of His children.  I know that He is preparing us each day. We know that Father God has this entire journey in His hands.

This week we have been praying about and researching things that we need to do to prepare for the adoption.  We have looked at the paperwork, books we need to read, things we need to do, and planning fund raisers.  At some moments, we get overwhelmed by the scope of it all, but then God reminds us that He has a hope and a future for us and for our kids.  God has it under control and we surrender ourselves to Him.

About Us

We are Tony and Cary Rosetta from Alabama. We have been married for three years. It has been on our hearts for a long time to adopt children.  Both of us have been teachers and have seen the needs of children.  We have spent the last two years praying and seeking God’s direction about adopting.   God has led us to choose Lifeline Adoption Agency here in Alabama to adopt siblings from Hungary.

There are over 143 million children around the world who are without a family to love them and care for them.  As these children age out of the orphanage or foster care system, statistics show that many of the children turn to drugs, alcohol, crime, sexual trades, or become homeless.  The Bible in James 1:27 tells us to care for the orphans. Each of these orphans is crying out to be loved and cared for.  God has called all of us to extend his love to “the least of these.”  Lifeline Adoption Agency of Alabama is a Christian agency that helps make it possible for us to care for the orphans and to extend God’s love to them!  In researching Adoption agencies, we are pleased to find that Lifeline’s goal is to meet the needs of children around the world and match them with loving christian parents.

We want to thank you in advance for all of your prayers and support throughout this process.  We know that God will provide the grace to do all that is asked of us in the adoption.  We are confident that God will provide the finances to make this possible.  We thank God for all of the wonderful people that He has placed in our lives to help us along the way!