Here we go……..

The words to a song are going through my head….”Here we go into the wild blue yonder”. Today we will get on a plane – or rather planes – and head off to Hungary! We are a bundle of nerves, excitement, and emotions! We thank God that this day is finally here! Father we trust you with this trip, this journey, and our precious daughter and son! Thank You Father!

God is Faithful

We are busy getting things done to leave for Hungary in less than 2 weeks!  Wow!  We are getting so close!  We have our plane tickets and are making preparations.  We will be changing planes in Germany!  It will be a long day of traveling but we will have a day to rest before we meet our Hungarian Agent who will take us to meet our son and daughter!  Is it possible for the days to drag by and fly by at the same time?!

We have been praying and trusting “God to provide all of our needs according to His glorious riches” and He is faithful.  We were told about Pathways for Little Feet and called them this week.  Robin, the lady on the phone was so sweet and helpful!  She was able to get us an answer in just 4 days!  Pathways is able to help us get some of the money that we need to wire to Hungary!  We do not have all of it yet but we are very close!  We are watching to see what else God will do!  God is so good and we are so thankful!  We know that God will show us the way and provide for us!  God is greater than our need!  God is greater than our worries!

our familyHere is something special we got for Christmas!  A sweet friend from church, made us special ornaments to depict each member of our family.  She is a careful listener and did an awesome job!  We put them in a shadow box so that we can hang them on the wall!  This is our lovely family!

God’s Provision

god is greaterGod You are greater than my worries.

God You are greater than my fears!

God You are greater than my thoughts and greater than my plans!

God You are all I need!!!

That was my singing prayer this morning and as always – God blessed us! We were able to find a travel agent that has special rates for Adoptive couples!!!! Thank you Golden Rule Travel!!!! We are saving several thousand dollars!!! Thank you Father God that you are with us and always have a plan for us! Yay God!!!!

Travel Date

Dorina Tibor bearsWe received an email yesterday that we can book our tickets!  Yay!!  We have immigration approval and our travel date!!  Yay!!!  It is only a few short weeks until we leave to meet our children! We can’t believe we are so close to meeting them!!!  We thank God daily for all that He has done on this journey!

We ask for your prayers and support.  We have found out that the return plane tickets will be more than we had anticipated.  The grant and loan applications that we have filled out have not given us any word about receiving funds from them and we are now down to the wire – literally   We have to wire $18,000 to Hungary before we leave.  We also have to pay for airline tickets for us within the next few days.  We have to have the money to live in Hungary for a number of weeks and money to bring the kids home on the plane!  We are asking for your help!  If you can help, please go to our Donate page.  We would be forever grateful and we know that God will surely bless you!

We believe that “God will supply all of our needs according to His glorious riches” and that “He who began a good work…….will complete it.”  We have been blessed by so many wonderful gifts and donations!  We thank you for your prayers and your support!  God moved our journey along faster than we had expected and we know that He has a plan to provide for the journey!  God bless you all and Merry Christmas!